Symphony for Sculpture featuring Albert Paley

Albert PaleySymphony for Sculpture is the result of a collaboration with Albert Paley.  The idea was proposed to us by one of our mentors to ask Albert for permission to use his metal sculptures as a musical instrument.  Both Colin and I (Sterling) loved the idea and pursued it.  After a bit of planning we gained the approval of Albert.  From there we communicated with the venues where Albert’s statues stood in Rochester and asked for their approval.  Thankfully, the Strong Museum of Play, Klein Steel, and the Memorial Art Gallery all loved the idea.  September 4th marked the beginning of the project at the Strong Museum of Play.  The audience seemed really enthusiastic and Albert Paley made an appearance.  Keep a look out for pictures and the recording the performance from the 4th.

Take a look at our first performance @ the Strong Museum of Play featuring Albert Paley’s Strong Museum Sculpture.

Albert Paley’s Strong Museum Sculpture and the Birch Crescent Duo


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